Project: Purchase of a new Vehicle for the DPNW in Chirundu

Purpose: Assist with Anti-poaching in the Lower Zambezi National Park and Chiawa GMA

Funders: The Charge Boxing

Value of Support: US $53,516

Charge Boxing is a fundraiser which is held in aid of conservation foundations across Africa. In 2017 it raised $53,516 for the purchase of a vehicle for the DPNW Chirundu. The vehicle provides important logistical support to the DPNW in its effort to protect the wildlife and people of the Chiawa GMA and the Lower Zambezi National Park. The money was used to purchase the vehicle as well as the service and upkeep.

Project: Building of Teacher Accommodation in Mugulumeno Village

Purpose: The construction of new teachers’ accommodation at Mugulameno Village Primary School.

Funders: The Anabezi/Amanzi Conservation Levy, CPD Investments Ltd, Kayila Camp

Value of Support: c.$15,000

In consultation with the people of the village,the ZWT has embarked on the construction of a house at Mugulameno village to house the Head Teacher at the primary school. This accommodation will allow the school to secure the services of a good quality teacher and have lasting impact to improve the quality of education in the area.

Project: Anti-poaching in the Chiawa GMA

Purpose: The funding of a 6-man anti-poaching team to protect parts of the Chiawa GMA

Funders: The Anabezi/Amanzi Conservation Levy, CPD Investments Ltd

Value of Support: K291,600 (c.$25,000) per annum

The ZWT supports a 6-man scout team that protects the Eastern part of the Chiawa GMA. The team is led by Jealous “Chops” Nyandowo who even at the age of 34 is a conservation veteran in the Lower Zambezi. The scout teams have been instrumental in reducing the number of snare’s in the area and their presence has also greatly reduced the incidence of elephant poaching.

Project: Purchase of Scout Uniform and Equipment

Purpose: The funding of a 6-man antipoaching team to protect parts of the Chiawa GMA

Funders: CPD Investments Ltd

The purchase of new uniforms and equipment for the scouts for patrols in the Eastern GMA.

Project: Purchase of supplementary food for Wildlife

Purpose: To supplement the grazing and browsing for the wildlife in the Chaiwa GMA

Funders: The Anabezi/Amanzi Conservation Levy, CPD Investments Ltd, External Donors

Value of Support: $16,000

Parts of Southern Africa are experiencing their worst drought for almost 30 years. Due to increased population pressures and an unprecedented season of bush fires, animals in the Chiawa GMA in the Lower Zambezi are under incredible pressure. With very little grazing left the Zambezi Wildlife Trust has undertaken to supplement their nutrient intake with a combination of hay, game pellets and salt licks in an effort to allow them to survive to the beginning of the rainy season.