Providing Direct Support to the DNPW

The ZWT believes that the DNPW have an important role to play in the protection and preservation of the Lower Zambezi. Other organizations have limited their material and resource support to an already under-resourced DNPW, further limiting their ability to effectively protect the areas under their charge. ZWT hopes to provide more direct support to the department in its efforts to combat poaching in the western GMA.


Community Based Projects

The ZWT undertakes tangible community projects in the neighbouring communities including the upgrade of Mugulumeno school and mitigation measure for human-animal conflict.


Reintroduction of Black Rhino

The ZWT believe that the reintroduction of Black Rhino in the Lower Zambezi would be a important move in the conservation efforts in the Lower Zambezi. The ZWT believes a community park within the GMA will be a project that will not only provide the community and DPNW with an income but also be a conservation initiative that Zambia can be proud of.

Zambezi WildLife Trust