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ZWT gets Prospero Grant

The Zambezi Wildlife Trust (ZWT) was awarded a £5,000 grant from Prospero Zambia, a UK aid funded organisation that supports enterprise development in Zambia, in late September 2020. The contribution will help boost ZWT’s conservation capabilities by protecting employee incomes as the local economy gradually emerges from the industry downturn triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grant will additionally bolster ZWT operations, ensuring the continuation of anti-poaching initiatives and endurance of community conservation and agricultural projects at the forefront of reducing human to wildlife conflict within the Chiawa GMA.

The ZWT’s role within the Lower Zambezi Conservation Area is pivotal to the protection of the wildlife at the epicentre of the local tourism industry. The partnership between Prospero Zambia and ZWT is a true illustration of the continued commitment from industry collaborators to ensure the endurance of African tourism and its wildlife.

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