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Our Mission

The Zambezi Wildlife Trust is working to establish a sustainable environment in which wildlife is free to flourish and local communities are empowered by conservation practices and tourism in the Lower Zambezi Conservation Area.


Our anti-poaching teams patrol the Chiawa GMA, finding, disabling and removing wire snares. We work within the community establishing infrastructure and agricultural projects in order to reduce human/ wildlife conflict, educating and fostering a positive relationship between local people and resident game.

We Are

The Zambezi Wildlife Trust (ZWT) is an organisation committed to the empowerment of local communities and protection of wildlife.     We are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to ensure communities living within the Lower Zambezi Conservation Area positively benefit from wildlife conservation and local tourism.

Saving the Wildlife

Creating a sustainable environment where wildlife & people can coexist & mutually benefit from tourism.

Square Km Of Forest
Are inhabitted by wildlife of all kinds in the Lower Zambezi.
Species of Birds
Have been recorded to live in the Lower Zambezi.
And rising, visit the Lower Zambezi every year.

Check out the Zambezi Wildlife Trust Cleaning Program as well as our other projects.

Get Involved

With your help and involvement in our work, we can really make a difference to the communities of the Chiawa GMA, and preserve the magic of Lower Zambezi and its unparalleled wildlife currently under threat from poaching.

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